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Nuevo - Modern Mexican & Tequila Bar

The concept behind Nuevo’s culinary style is Fresh and Modern Mexican food with a twist. ABA worked with the chef/owner to integrate the design of the space with the menu and the regional cooking style of the team. We sought to use traditional themes found in a typical Mexican restaurant and give them an updated fresh and modern look. The restaurant is 5000 SF located in a historic building built in 1902 known as The Gothic Building, which ABA also restored. The design was challenging, as the space encompasses what were originally four separate storefronts which had different floor levels due to grade changes at the original entrances. The entrance and bar canopy was designed to connect the disparate spaces, including the private dining room in the lower level, by providing a common architectural device ordering and connecting the spaces. ABA also did the interior design, the concept of the wood pattern and varying species was based on the typical Mexican poncho fabric design. Details of the design included modern use of traditional materials such as the copper bar face. The color scheme is bold and updated southwest colors of, golds, rusts, oranges, and reds. ABA brought in an artist as part of the design team, who produced the custom wall covering at the main dining area booths.

Once open, ABA was retained to design an urban exterior roof top terrace with a separate bar which overlooks the downtown skyline.