Quincy Avenue Design Competition

View Along Quincy Avenue
View Along Side Street
Urban Context and Site Plan
Typical Condominium Block at Grade
Typical Condominium Elevation
Quincy Avenue Design Competition - Cleveland, OH

This project was a limited invite design competition for the Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation and in association with Champlin/Haupt Architects. This entailed an urban design study and the design of various residential condominiums as spelled out in the competition brief. One of the main components was to build using "green" or sustainable principals of design.

At the heart of our design solution was an attempt to look at this problem with a holistic approach. Starting with macro issues of urban planning, and culminating in small scale details of the individual residences. Our final design solution is rooted in a respect for the place and history of the area as well as the people who will occupy the homes, both immediately and in the future. Our solution sought to heal the torn urban fabric of the neighborhood by reconnecting this section of Quincy Ave and Cleveland. The buildings are built to the street edges to redefine the urban realm; in this respect they are linear buildings. A public connector is provided to link the residents to the neighborhood, and provide a transition to the single family detached homes to the north. The use of large and ample windows allow for natural day-lighting, while the large roof overhangs block the hot summer sun. The many balconies provide exterior space for roof top gardens and add livability to the units. Common shared green spaces allow for social interaction and still provide for defensible outdoor spaces. Cars are hidden and made subservient to the pedestrian and public spaces.